Ten or More Tunes in Ten Weeks

Ten Tunes in Ten Weeks (10/10) started out as the follow on course for Playing by Ear…and was so much fun that it keeps going!  (Shortened to an hour since that’s when EVERYONE including Dave was losing concentration!)

The group (limited to 10) are taught a new tune (or two) each week – learning phrase by phrase by ear – with some hints about the hidden patterns that inherently lie beneath all tunes (in the form of scales and arpeggio’s) that once you know about, help you to learn the tunes more quickly.

Although there are hints for making the tunes sound authentically Irish, this isn’t a how to play your instrument course – it’s a course essentially for intermediate musicians who know their way around their instruments (and G and D scales and arpeggios), and want to acquire a common repertoire that will help them join in the various sessions in Canberra, at the National Folk Festival, or at camps and festivals around the world!

The class is supported by the tunes being recorded and made available via Dropbox and Dave’s website to practice along with between classes.  For those in last terms Ten Tunes – there will be Ten or more NEW tunes (with some revisiting of some old ones if need be).

If you are an intermediate melody instrument player (banjo, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, whistle, accordion etc) – this is perfect Session Bar preparation!  You don’t have to have done the previous course, however, there are only a couple of spots left in the class – so contact Sharon on daveoneillmusic@gmail or 0418 405 236 to register asap.

WHEN:  Mondays for Ten Weeks from 1 February 2014 from 7.00 to 8.00 pm

WHERE: 10 Wylie St, Narrabundah (in studio at rear)

COST:   $220 for the ten weeks

TO REGISTER: Call Sharon on 0418 405 236 or email daveoneillmusic@gmail.com and we’ll send you an invoice.




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