O’Neill & Rodgers

From their website:   O’NEILL & RODGERS

-brings together two Canberra veterans of acoustic and roots music – Bob Rodgers with one of those wonderfully powerful high range voices like Vince Gill and Peter Rowan, and a history of lead vocals in rock ‘n roll and country rock bands, and Dave O’Neill, a jazz trained virtuoso musician of all stringed instruments who has played with numerous bands including a long international stint with Eric Bogle. He was also Artistic Director of The National Folk Festival for seven years, ceasing that role in 2012.


O’Neill and Rodgers have known each other for over 25 years and at long last came together in 2008, drawn together by a love for acoustic instruments and the folk tradition of story telling in song. Dave O’Neill is an internationally recognized multi-instrumentalist. He plays fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and sings. Dave has played with a number of Australian artists such as Eric Bogle and the Bushwhackers, and has toured and recorded overseas with a number of internationally acclaimed artists in America and Europe. He is well known in the Australian folk scene. Bob Rodgers originally discovered his love for acoustic instruments in the early 1980s playing with the seminal Canberra bluegrass band, Tag and the Noose Brothers. Over the last two decades Bob has built his reputation for his vocal skills and songwriting, culminating in the release of his recent CD ‘Postcard from Iraq’ – songs written whilst he was in Iraq in 2006. Together, through the blending of their voices and the instruments they play, Bob and Dave tell stories in song. You will tap your toes and you will be moved. Their new album, ‘About Time’ is available now.

O'Neill and Rodgers CD

You can listen to O’Neill and Rodgers on their Myspace site


Dave O’Neill: Vocal, Guitar, Violin, Irish Bouzouki, Mandolin
Bob Rodgers: Vocal, Guitars, Mandocello, Banjo, Mandolin

You can watch a very unsteady clip of Dave and Bob singing  Kill the Demon on YouTube


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