Band Coaching

If you are a band looking to take things to a new level – then consider band coaching sessions with Dave.

As former Artistic Director for the National Folk Festival, and professional musician and musical director, Dave is in a unique position, to work with you on the musical and performance skills, and let you know what festival directors are looking for, and what your band needs to do to get that gig.

Dave currently mentors a band comprised of some of his intermediate adult students who named themselves with a tip of their hat to their teacher and mentor: “O’Neill’s Folly

The band come to him for an hour a week and work through arranging songs and trouble shooting around their current skill level.  With Dave’s help the band avoid the beginners problems of playing all over the top of each other, and having all their songs sound the same.  The band have steadily and quickly progressed from playing small blackboard’s to increasingly larger stages and gigs and are currently stepping up to record demo tracks.





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