Cancellation policy

This is the formal stuff you should know up front.


Fees are per term regardless of how many classes you make in that term.

You are paying to reserve your slot for a full term, and it’s up to you whether you come or not.  Dave is self employed and runs a term based schedule, and makes himself available for that term at the booked time, so it’s not possible to slot anyone else in at the last moment.

There are no refunds for sickness or schedule conflicts.


Dave is a working professional gigging musician, along with being a teacher.  Where possible Dave will give advance notice to students and arrange an alternative lesson time when gigs clash with lessons.  There will be occasions when notice will be short (on the day) and organising a replacement session will follow.  For both financial and professional reasons the gigs will take precedence – and its best you know that up front.




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