Teaching and Classes


Dave teaches across the spectrum from beginners through to advanced, teens through to seniors, with intermediate and advanced students passionate about the folk genre given preference.

Dave is in demand, and currently runs a waiting list for new students.  When a vacancy occurs, students will be invited to attend 2 lessons for Dave to assess the new student’s current skill level and commitment, and how they fit with his teaching style and current balance of students, before being invited to take on a spot as a regular student.

Dave is cognizant of the work, home and family pressures that mean adult students tend to take 2 steps forward, 1 step back, and may have a few weeks here and there where practice doesn’t happen – however he expects a more than casual commitment from his students over the longer term.  Lessons are only worthwhile to both student and teacher if regular practice is reinforcing the learning and progress (even slow and erratic progress).  Students who are consistently not practicing between lessons may be asked to take a break from lessons for a term to free the space for eager and committed students on the waiting list.



All classes take place at 10 Wylie St Narrabundah

Types of classes

Individual/Private Lessons

30 minute (beginners/intermediate) lessons.  A one on one session with Dave for those who are serious and want to make fast progress.

45 minute advanced lessons.

Small group lessons

5-10 students generally at the same level (absolute beginner, intermediate, advanced) for an hour.  Sessions will usually involve learning a new skill, practicing a previous skill, and having some fun and making music together.

Large group lessons/workshops

10 or more students generally at the same level.  Sessions will involve a little bit of skill development, and a lot more having a go and making music together.



Dave O’Neill Music.  Dave O’Neill Musician.  Dave O’Neill Teacher.


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