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4 thoughts on “Dave O’Neill Music mailing list

  1. Hi Dave, my daughter Ruby – 16 yrs old plays violin to grade 5 level. She wants to learn how to play folk music and enjoys playing in a group. We noticed the summercamp, or do you offer any tuition during summer holidays as she has only played classical up to now?

    Warm regards,
    Shona Elliott

    • Dave is back from France this week and currently enrolling students for Term 4 commencing Monday 14 October.

      TO BOOK any of the spots – please call Sharon on 0418 405 236 or email: daveoneillmusic@gmail.com

      Lesson spots open are:


      3.30 pm (fortnightly lesson on 14 Oct and every 2 weeks)
      6.40 pm weekly lesson


      3.30 pm (fortnightly lesson on 22 Oct and every 2 weeks)
      4.00 pm weekly lesson
      4.30 pm weekly lesson


      4.30 pm weekly lesson


      4.30 pm weekly lesson

      Play by Ear Course commencing 17 October

      There are just 2 places available on this 9 week course commencing 17 October. The course takes place 6.30 pm to 8.00 pm on Thursdays at the Burranda Training Room, Youth Coalition of the ACT, 46 Clianthus St, O’Connor ACT 2602

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