Teaching Recommendations

Following the debut of the Shaky Egg Orchestra

Following the debut of the Shaky Egg Orchestra

What Dave’s students say about him:- 

“I have studied guitar for three years with Dave as part of my Bachelor of Music Degree at the Australian National University. Dave is a wonderful teacher and has a genuine passion for all kinds of music with a vast range of knowledge across many genres and instruments. It would be a struggle to find a more experienced teacher than Dave, throughout my degree we have covered so much, including; advanced jazz harmony and improvisation techniques, American and Celtic folk traditions, fingerpicking and alternating bass styles, playing by ear, composition, arranging, and even some instruments I never thought I’d get a chance to try like Banjo and Mandolin! A perfect balance between supportive and guiding, lessons with Dave have been by far the highlight of my degree. ”  

Harriet Blaazer-Grossi,  January 2016 (currently in New York continuing her music studies).

Celtic Summer School 2012



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