Stretches for the fingers for stringed instrument players

Following a request from Claudia during the mandolin workshop today:


Here’s a great YouTube video which show some stretches for the hands that help in increasing the span and flexibility of your hands.


This YouTube video from RedDesertViolin applies not only to violin, but to any stringed instrument – about how to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome.

The wrist and arm sequence from Kit Laughlin is also very good for stretching out the same muscles.


The video below has some great stretches for the chest and shoulders – unfortunately about the 1minute mark there’s about 20 seconds of horrid interference noise – but the stretches are very worthwhile. (Be ready with the mute button)

And here’s one for anyone with rotator cuff injuries and ‘frozen shoulder’


Winter Warmer Music Workshops – Ukulele, Guitar & Mandolin

Dave is offering the following Saturday afternoon winter workshops  – $20 per workshop.  These workshops feature one instrument per week and are two and a half hours in length.  These are focussed at beginner/intermediate players.  They include an afternoon tea and are being held in a beautiful house in the bush beside Queanbeyan.  We’ll light the fire and have a warming, informing afternoon.

27 July            Ukelele.

3 August         Guitar

10 August      Mandolin

These will be held from 2-4.30 at 27 Severne St, Queanbeyan.

Please register by emailing:   Pay on the day.