Learn to Play Tunes by Ear

If you’ve always wanted to be able to play in sessions, can play an instrument but wonder how all those players in the Session Bar at the National seem to know hundreds of tunes without the sheet music in front of them – then this course is the gateway to a whole new playing experience.

Dave is running a ten week course that will teach you the fundamental skill-set that will help you open up a whole new wonderful world of music. Learning tunes by ear is essential for anyone who wants to really play traditional music. (And not have to lug an instrument stand or books of music!) There is so much missing when traditional tunes are put onto paper, and being able to learn a tune directly from a musician or a CD enables you to play with the right lilt.  Tunes learned by ear stay in the memory in a way that tunes that are learned from sheet music don’t as well!

This course will teach you what to listen for, what the essential (and eventually quite predictable) patterns are that will come up tune after tune, and de-mystify the process. Playing by ear isn’t a special talent only available to those born with an innate gift – it’s a completely learnable skill set that involves hearing, some cues and clues, and knowing enough theory and scales and arpeggios to make very good guesses that won’t sound awful.

There are a couple of weeks of the course where there is some theory so you come to understand what is happening in the music – but it’s hands on your instrument to try it straight away too.  This course suits beginners through to intermediate players of melody instruments [guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, whistle, accordion etc] – You need to know your way around your instrument – knowing a G and D scale pretty much is the starting point.

When: Tuesday nights from 7 pm to 8 pm starting Tuesday 2nd February 2014 for 10 weeks

Where: 10 Wylie St, Narrabundah (in studio at rear)

Cost: $220

Book Now

E: daveoneillmusic@gmail.com

Or phone Dave’s teaching administrator Sharon on 0418 405 236 to book your place.


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