Dave & Bob at St Alban’s Folk Festival this weekend

Dave and Bob (O’Neill & Rodgers) are lending a helping hand and backing up Humbug at St Alban’s Folk Festival this weekend.

(Students looking for answers on lesson times – he’s been rehearsing and out of town – which is why you haven’t heard from him.  If you’ve offered a suggested lesson day/time to him – then my guess is it’s ok for that the week of the 29th  – and he’ll contact you asap when he gets back on Monday if it’s not! ).



2013 National Folk Festival

After 7 years of working at the Nash, I got to experience it again as a musician. What a great festival it is.

NFF highs and lows


Doing a gig with my old picking partners Donal Baylor and John Taylor for the tutor’s concert on the Wednesday night.

Playing the dance on the Friday night with Paverty, plus special guest Old Pavertonians, Pete and Sue Hobson. Three fiddles rule!!!!!

Picking till 4am with Nigel LeverJenny ShimminJimmy Rush, Quentin, and JT at the swamp. God Bluegrass is fun!!!!

They breed them hard in the RAAF. Bob Rodgers had a fall, broke several ribs, and 5 minutes later did a great O’Neill and Rodgers gig at the Budawang, with the brilliantLiz Frencham. Then Bob was rushed to hospital. Way to go. Mind you, for an Air Commodore, he’s shite at flying.

All the gigs at the stock camp. What an amazing venue. Big thanks to Davey and the team. What a brilliant venue you’ve created. It captures the heart and soul of the folk movement………and the tuckers bloody good too.

Needing to replace Bob for a Flute and Fiddle gig, so called on the services of two of the best musicians I know. Liz Frencham and Pete Fidler. Then grabbing Silas Palmer as we walked on stage. Now that bloke can play the fiddle and has a great set of ears. Would love to revisit that line up again. Twas a real treat.

Played a lovely set with my wonderful partner Jo Cresswell, and Lachlan Green. I always learn so much about heart connection in music when I play with her. She has a sense of beauty that I just adore.

Dave, Jo and Lachlan at the 2013 National Folk Festival

Dave, Jo and Lachlan at the 2013 National Folk Festival

Jumping up with one of my favourite songwriters, Enda Kenny, and jamming on some great songs, some of which I’d heard before. He’s a clever bugger. And he completely suckered me in with his song “I lost an i at Nariel Creek”. I nearly fell off my chair.

Two great shows with the unclassifiable Martin Pearson. I never know what’s going to happen, but it’s always bloody funny and thought provoking. To quote Vin Garbutt: “the man’s a genius”


The damn thing finished!!!!!


Festival on legs!

There are just a couple of places left in the 29 August to 9 September Walking Tour of France – with added music lessons from Dave!

There’s some lovely musicians of all levels booked in already – and it’s shaping up to be a festival/music school on legs (your own!). Should be immense fun.  (The intro course to being a touring musician?) 🙂

Contact Jo for details about the tour/flights and all that stuff – but give Dave a call/email if you want to ask questions about the music/lessons on the tour.